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  AMBIENT VISAGE (cd)    TQ20071
ambient moments, inner voices, pedal steel guitar and various string things in the studio,
what better moments than reflections and sensations,
recorded at Sequana, Birmingham Alabama, July 2005.



 WATERS ASHORE (cd)  TQ20072
With multi-master Dave Liebman on soprano and tenor saxophones and ancient calls from flutes, from Misha Feigin inspired poetry of JAZZ , to the  LaDonna Smith's string serenades and Fouremans growls and howls, this is a beautiful collaborative piece in the spirit of community improvisation. R
ecorded June 2006, the session inspired from the IAJE International Conference, hosted in Louisville,Ky, June 2006. 



  YOKEL YEN (cd) TQ20073
LaDonna Smith & Misha Feigin,

violin, viola, harmonica & voice improvisations
with Russian poet, author, and improv-minstrel Misha Feigin, guitar & balalakai.
Free musings from start to finish, let your mind wander with the combined sensitivities of these two upbeat musical collaborators, 2006.  



  EYE OF THE STORM (cd) LaDonna Smith  
Solo violin, viola & voice improvisations. Recorded live from solo concerts in Europe and USA,
1992   "LaDonna truly transforms the violin into a spectrum of colors beyond the context of the instrument and purifies your mind with the raw energy of multiple violinistic soundings."
Click to Listen:   
Atmospheric Debris      
TQ0011  $15  



Davey Williams and LaDonna Smith, live improvisations
Weaving their musical drama in the psychic automatism that is the true nature of their music, this CD will take you to other realms of the imagination, 1993.   
TQ0012  $15


White Earth Streak/Song of Aeropteryx - (cd)  
Davey Williams, LaDonna Smith, Gunter Christman, and Torsten Muller.
 Recorded in Hannover, Germany, 1983.  Energetic textural "gator play & static slide kisses". Get this! A Double Whammy? This same release also contains a second special bonus re-release of "Song of Aeropterex, " Davey Williams and LaDonna Smith in home studio. Cover art & cartoon booklet by Hal Rammel.  Re-released on UnHeard Music Series.   
 TQ20013  $20 


BirminghamImprov96 (CD) compilation of the BirminghamImprov Festival 96. Includes work by Davey Williams, LaDonna Smith, Yuri Zmorovitch, Boris Rayskin, Craig Hultgren, Johannes Bergmark, Arkady Kirochenko, Contra Contra Bass, The Gold Sparkle Band, Atlanta Comprovisors and others…     TQ20014     $10



  Erogenous Soundscapes (CD)  LaDonna Smith
and Serguei Letov, soprano & bari sax recorded at Moscow Radio, December 19, and live at 888 Club, Novosibirsk, Siberia December 16, 1995, a rare Pentagramma facsimile release.  
TQ2007  $20 



Dix Improvisations- (CD)Original compact discs from Victo/Victoriaville Festival 1989, includes improvisations of Trans Duo-LaDonna Smith and Davey Williams, also works by Hans Reichel, Paul Plimley-Lisle Ellis, New Winds, J.D. Parran, Ned Rothenberg, Maggie Nichols-Lindsay Cooper-Irene Schweizer, pour les emissions "MUSIQUE ACTUELLE" 
TQ20074  $20                                                                                                              


  Yttrbium:   LaDonna Smith, solo viola  
Table of the Elements #toe 070 lp 
     “rare earth” long playing record 
       dreaming allotropy, dance of the elements, lanthaneis (to lie hidden),  radiant energy conversions. 
       2004,  LP. TQ20076     


Older TransMuseq Releases

LP's & tapes


TQ 010  Travellers (cassette) Davey Williams & LaDonna Smith live and electronic,
             "Destroy All Music" 
Atlanta, Georgia, 1990. 
  original series now out-of-print

TQ 009  Locales for Ecstacy (LP)   Davey Williams, LaDonna Smith, Cinnie Cole-banjo,
Fabled "front-porch" style Southern flavor.  
(original edition - limited quantity available $30) 

TQ 008 Criminal Pursuits (LP)  Davey Williams, solo electric guitar
Original series LP now out-of-print, CDR facsimile may be obtained by special order /CDR, $22. Contact Us

TQ 007 
White Earth Streak (LP)  Quartet - Davey Williams, LaDonna Smith, Gunter Christman, and Torsten Muller  Recorded in Hannover, Germany, 1983.  Energetic textural "gator play & static slide kisses,the ecstacy of real time improvisation, guitar, viola, double bass, trombone".
(original edition -limited quantity available $30)

TQ 006  Alchemical Rowdies (CD) LaDonna Smith, Davey Williams with Danny Finney-saxes, Paul Watson-trumpet, Pippin Barnett-drums, studio recording, Richmond, Virginia 1981. 
(original edition-limited quantity available $30) 

TQ 005  Direct Waves (CD) Trans Duo - LaDonna Smith & Davey Williams  Recordings from Trans duo tours, 1979 Grand Rapids, 1980 Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussells, Belgium (original edition- limited quantity available $30) 

TQ 004
 Velocities -  LaDonna Smith & Davey Williams with Andrea Centazzo,
Recorded live at La Sala Bossi, Bologna, Italy 1979.  Side Two
at Ictus Studio, Pistoia, Italy, 1979.
 (limited quantity available $30) 

Special order reproductions of out of print, obscure and limited edition cassette & tape releases may be obtained by special inquiry from the TRANSMUSEQ Archives.  email here

TQ 003 Jewels (LP) Anne LeBaron-harp, with Davey Williams & LaDonna Smith Recorded in Trans Studio, Birmingham Alabama, 1979.  (LP out of print)

TQ 002  TRANS II, Folk Music (LP) Trio:  LaDonna Smith & Davey Williams, with Theodore Bowen, double bass. Recorded at Trans Studio in Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1976.  (out-of-print)  

TQ 001 TRANSCENDPROVISATION (LP) the original group, Davey Williams,  LaDonna Smith, Theodore Bowen, T.R. Reed, Anne LeBaron, Jim Hearon. Recorded at Trans Studio in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. (out-of-print)

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the improvisor
the international journal of free improvisation

The purpose of  the improvisor is to foster community among improvising musicians on a national and international level. It is important for aquaintance with others of similar interests, philosophies and attitudes, to network, listen to each other’s music, exchange and inform, encouraging music making communities and a global network.

~Printed editions recommended for collectors ~

the improvisor -Volume 11, the international journal of free improvisation,
102 pages of essays, writings, reviews, philosophies, theories, and more on the topic of free improvisation around the world. Final issue in hard-copy print, 1995. Edited by LaDonna Smith. ($12)

the improvisor - Volume 10 "Sun Ra edition" (limited number of printed copies still available) Edited by LaDonna Smith & Glenn Engstrand. 1993.  ($15) 

the improvisor - Volumes 1-10 "Back issue Set" (available in photocopied & limited printed editions) Volumes. 1-9 Edited by Davey Williams. ($120) 

the improvisor "Complete Collection" Volumes I-XI (photocopied back issues plus original printed edition of Vol. XI book format) ($125 )

          Which Came First?  The Fried Chicken or The Fried Egg?
Now the story can be told.
 70 pages cartoons and illustrations.  
Great entertainment, be it your kitchen table, your pocket book, or your out house, a surreal life perspective of the fried egg.  ($14)



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