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Davey Williams


"Described as a "West Alabama free blues surrealist guitarist, With a bag full of techniques on arco, slide and "object" guitar, Williams takes the guitar sound beyond itself again and again without extensive use of electronics; yet in each of these pieces there are gestures toward more traditional styles...Authentic and evocative new music.  This record (Criminal Pursuits) achieves a masterly combination of fantastic and "real" worlds".
                               -Chris Brown, OPTION

"He (Henry Kaiser) is also regarded as one of the three founding fathers of American free improvisational guitar, along with Eugene Chadbourne and Davey Williams..."
                               -Dan Forte, GUITAR PLAYER, Sept 87

"…his remarkable style has resulted in his being considered one of the most respected experimental guitarists working today. His solo release on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label was wildly praised, and his work with Curlew, Ikue Mori and the entire downtown New York avant-jazz community is equally well-regarded. "


-'A Revolution In Music' Directory

"In what he calls his 'object guitar' technique, Williams mutes his strings with found objects ranging from polished stones, old mortar and shrapnel to a Stanley aluminum tape measure. He uses the resulting timbres to fashion grooves based on tightly-controlled movements across the strings. Using low-voltage motors attached to toy sharks and baseball gloves held near the pickups of his Steinberger GL2T-A, Williams creates sounds akin to the engine blast of an Indy car or the chest-thumping roar of a vocal choir…"

-Robert Hicks, Guitar Player magazine


"…a more wonderfully wacky guitarist does not exist…His background allows him to cross over from experimental music to the blues, country and rock and roll. A truly unique talent." -The Perfect Pitch


"…Time after time his solos on electric guitar are just unbelievable: absolutely inventive, absolutely off the wall, absolutely smart and wise, absolutely well put together…" -Jim Macnie, quoted from "All Things Considered" (National Public Radio)


"Sometimes rock or blues-inflected, and always startlingly original, this CD proves again that Davey is a true master of guitar insanity and beauty…"
-Henry Kaiser (Bay Area Express) 


"He's managed to carry improvisational electric guitar to the top of the mountain…his 'Mockingbird Method' makes mincemeat out of the prattling musical theorists who would have us believe that they 'know from whence it came.' When you're riding Davey's wave, you'll quickly see that not even HE knows all facets of the muse…That's not to say that Williams is 'playing blindly' however…his mastery of the instrument shows through as clearly as water on plate glass! There's a really full body to these pieces but it never diverts from the improvisational mode…a stretch or two may make you think he's painting 'power rock' images & then in an instant you're transported to turf never trod. Jazz for the jaded..blooz for the bombed…even a C&W lick to round it all out. The CD title couldn't have been better…Wizards put charms on things, and the spell Davey works on your ears has never been more magickal! Those who are looking for the 'classics' of improvisation can't afford to pass this by…It comes most highly recommended and gets the 'pick' of the decade for 'most inspired improvisation." -Rotcod Zzaj (review of 'Charmed, I'm Sure)


"Tightly organized sonic mayhem by a daring avant-jazz-thrash ensemble, featuring the delightfully oddball guitar work of Davey Williams…"
Bill Milkowski reviewing Curlew CD (Guitar World)