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For your enjoyment:
a few samples from my vast collection of no-no's.

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Which came first: the fried chicken
or the fried egg?

Now the story can be told

-An important new book-

by Davey Williams

 In this scholarly expose, a leading expert in musical disaster research ventures outside the range of hearing in order to reveal to us astonishing details of an undiscovered life form: the world of fried eggs!


"Anybody who gets out
at night knows guitarist
Davey Williams is the self-
proclaimed 'leading expert
in musical disaster research.
But it's a lesser-known fact
that Williams is  Birmingham's foremost chicken-and-egg authority. And his new book of illustrated cartoons, Which Came First: The Fried Chicken or The Fried Egg? finally answers the question that has troubled philosophers for centuries. Well, it raises the question, anyway".-Bob Carlton, The Birmingham News

The book finds fried eggs in all sorts of human scenarios: sick fried eggs rolling over the rim of the toilet, devil-may-care fried eggs mutilated in bad wrecks on the big highway, fried eggs doing hard time (for poaching), snow-skiing, golfing, and getting the jitters from too much coffee…-Ned Oldham, Black & White


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     Fried eggs:  Unchanged in 30 million years!

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Where mankind first set foot on the
surface of fried egg.

Only recently has the flourishing world of the fried egg come to light. Far from seeing fried eggs as simple and inanimate dietary staples, we now know that these creatures happen to constitute one of the most poignant and fascinating civilizations in our planet's existence, and one which is more closely related to humanity than any other living species. 

You'll find 'em frying YO brain, as you see all manner of strange (though not implausible) situations for a fried egg to be in…my fave is 'Fried egg pauses at the crossroads of life.'…This is a FUN little chapbook, well worth getting…-Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation

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             Fried eggs are known for their neat lawns.

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In the dangerous world of fried egg sports, Fast Eddie was the greatest and most daring champion of them all.

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                            Fried eggs keep their whites in shape
                            by doing sit-ups.
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Our favorite fried egg was on the tv
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The old "fried egg from a tophat" trick.
Yes, this is a fried egg's world, in history and in everyday life.
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Also available: "hot rod" copies of the book with hand-drawn individual cartoons in the inside back covers, at an exorbitant price. I also can be engaged for lecture/demonstrations which have proved useful in dispelling myths about fried eggs,both common and arcane. I am also the acknowledged master of ceremonies at traditional fried egg tosses, etc.

Contact Birdfeeder Editions for prices on special orders. Thanks!

Published in an edition of 1000 copies.
1998, Davey Williams
All rights reserved.

ISBN 0-87651-012-8
Published by & available
from Birdfeeder Editions
5312 Fifth Terrace South,
Birmingham Alabama, 35212, USA

Also available from Trans Museq catalogue

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