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(Clinical Archives Release)  2009.

Q:  So the name of the album is "The Silver Bullet", what exactly are you
trying to say with that?

MC:  I mean it to work on a couple levels.  Obviously the most common use
for silver bullets comes from folklore, against werewolves, witches, or
certain monsters.  In looking around today at the music scene it's hard
not to feel it's being propped up and run by real life monsters.  The
endless barrage of negativity and regression, the focus on style over
substance, laziness, misinformation, theft, greed, lies, all point to a
certain kind of evil.  So, metaphorically, the only way to stop them is
with a silver bullet.  But my bullet / album doesn't kill, it enters the
body through the ear and acts as a catalyst for realignment and mutation.
As a more general metaphor, the term silver bullet refers to any
straightforward solution perceived to have extreme effectiveness.  The
phrase typically appears with an expectation that some new technology or
practice will easily cure a major prevailing problem.

Q:  So you're taking it upon yourself to illustrate another approach?

MC:  Someone has to do it.  I don't see anybody else stepping up and
taking the heat.  I don't see anybody cutting against the grain with
anything revolutionary.  I feel like it's time to lay the cards out on the
table and really walk the walk.  I've talked so much about my generation
and its lacks and now I'm really trying to move beyond all the
complaining.  I feel that criticism really is very weak in terms of
actually effecting some kind of change.  What is needed are musicians
willing to show and prove that a new direction can and does exist.  I'm
interested in art and artists that inspire humanity to think, feel, and
act on the highest possible level for the good of the planet.  I'm
interested in innovation and expansion.  I think we're at the end of a
particular cycle that has allowed so much negativity to flourish.

Q:  The title also brings to mind the Lone Ranger.  He used silver bullets
in his gun.

MC:  (laughs) That's true, I never thought of that.  I can't say I ever
watched the show but the premise is definitely one I would agree with.   I
think the world is ready for a new hero.  And I don't mean this penchant
for identifying with comic books and naming yourself after one of the
characters, or being a politician waving words around and posing as
something heroic.  I mean a real flesh and blood hero going out to fight
injustice.  Yeah, I think it's time for that.