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on free improvisation     

Book Reviews
Davey Williams
the improvisor festival  2010
Thirty Year Anniversary of
the improvisor
a review and overview of improvisation
Juanita Suarez
Old Timey Avant-Garde in the New South   Heather Palmer
In Honor of Bill Dixon Eric Zinman
Brief Report & Singing Neanderthals Doug Carroll
the improvisor festival  Post Mordem participants
Rocks in the Sea  Eric Zinman
Fifth International Conference on Art & Society 2010 University of Sydney Australia
Fourth ISIM Conference/ UCSD Festival review 2009  Killick Hinds
Third  ISIM Conference Report 2008  LaDonna Smith
Third  ISIM Conference Review  2008 by Roman Stolyar
DEVO  new album, tour, documentary Patrick Flanery
What to do at the Fork in the Road or Improvisation as Cultural Navigational Techique LaDonna Smith
Interview with Morgan Craft -dialogue on the
Black American Avant-garde
The Silver Bullet NEW RELEASE
Morgan Craft  Q & A.
Improvisation as a Tool for Investigating Reality Stephen Nachmanovitch
Improvisation as a Form of Cultural Recreation LaDonna Smith
 "Words of a Master Improviser"  Part One by Dave Fox
What Might The New Language Be? Mario Rechtern
       by Mat Callahan

LaDonna Smith
Improvisation as Prayer  LaDonna Smith
For a Wild Music  by Johannes Bergmark, Stockholm
 Improvised Music in Denmark Kresten Osgood
Alabama Improv Co-op Kenny Johnson, 
Jeff McLeod
Improvisation in Education LaDonna Smith
The Moment As Teacher LaDonna Smith
The Thomas Gaudysnki Report Thomas Gaudynski
Improvisation ~ an improvisation Robert Dick

The Black Equation Form 2
Morgan Craft
Hip Hop Subway Series SPECIAL REPORT Beatboxer Entertainment
(area code) Noise  NOISE folks, here's how it's done.
Red  Headed Stepchild Claire Barratt / Cilla Vee Arts
First Conference of I.S.I.M , a review LaDonna Smith  
Improvisational Texts  TEXTS Jim Hearon
Hesterian Spirituals BOOK PREVIEW Karlton Hester
Prelude to an Article in the Key of Green Iner Souster
Honest Person's Guide to the Orchestra Annonymous
Points of Jazz - Dave Liebman &
the 16th international Association of Schools of Jazz (IASJ ) 2006 meeting 
LaDonna Smith
Gamelan Amadindas  Very Special Arts by  Gregory Acker
a RePORT International Society for Improvised Music
LaDonna Smith
An Improvisational Life Michael Keith
SubTROPICS 19  THE FESTIVAL  Subtropics, Miami Festival of New Music
Dave Holland Review Ned Mudd
In Memory of  Hugh Davies  1943-2005 David Toop
HIGH ZERO FESTIVAL  2005 LaDonna Smith
Flash / Forward  Improvfest DC Improv Festival  Dec. 3-12, 2004 
MUSICIANS SOLIDARITY NETWORK         from the Squids' Ear Mark Ribot
An Improvisational Life Michael Keith
Airplay 101 Brian Farrish 
Minim 2004 Festival Review  Chris Williams
CLassical Musician Wanted Carson Arnold
New Contact in Poland Darius Cezary Startek
Manifesto Against Music Johannes Bergmark
AETHERFEST international radio festival
Musical Quotes Gregory Acker
Sound Changes by David Rothenberg
Improvisation as a Form of Cultural Recreation by  LaDonna Smith
Call For The Hidden Sounds Johannes Bergmark
Improvisation, Listening
  on stringboards...
Dave Knott
Some Thoughts on Improvisation Greg Segal
Artist Letter to Reviewer Susan Hefner
"Becoming-Still: Perspectives in Musical Ontology after Deleuze and Guattari"
  Michael Szekely
Playing Ad Lib: Improvisatory Music in Australia 1836-1970
   - a Book Review-
Davey Williams

a Chicago Tradition

LaDonna Smith
Women Make Half the Sound Festival, Chicago LaDonna Smith
Commentary & Review
Live Improvisation with film
Wyman Brantley
Musings on Deep Listening Marilyn Lerch
LMC Annual Festival
of Experimental Music
report by Viv Couringham
Art of Acousmatic Composition , _
interview with Eric Leonardson_in
Jacopo Andreini
The Fraternal Disorder of Noise Ben Portis
The Art of Binaural Location Performance Dallas Simpson
Pluralism in Progress Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen
Go North Son by Misha Feigin
Improvising Across Borders LaDonna Smith
Building Stronger Improvising Communities Dana Reason
Reflections on UCSD Conference "improvising across borders" by  Beth Glick-Riemany
Is there Life After Work? Michael Jackson
Vancouver Time Flies Laurence Svirchev
Mp3, Evolution, Revolution or Devolution Rotcod Zzaj
Mp3 technarticle Rotcod Zzaj
Thoughts and Comments by Kid Lucky
Guelph International Jazz Festival & Colloquium  LaDonna Smith
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