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Hot Links

         free improvisation
limited listing: sites of interest:    ABOPTV  !!! a site where you can actually download and watch some fantastic archived performances by some of the best of the new (and old) improvisers out there Georgia artist builds outdoor soundplay stations for children Free Improvisors living in Japan
Daily pianist records daily improv & publishes to web
Jeff Arnal NYC percussionist
Tatsu Aoki bassist, Asian improv, Chicago
ALTRISUONI Swiss improv label
Argentina improvisors Barabino and Merce
Bruce Arnold personal home page.
ASIAN Improv Records webpresence for label
Bang on a Can Festival dedicated to the entire aesthetic spectrum, Bang on a Can makes a home for musical inventors, misfits and pioneers Listing of artists, venues, and more in the San Francisco Bay area
Bay Area Improvisers Network The emphasis of this site is on the form of improvised music which had its genesis in the "Avant-Garde" or "Free Jazz" artists of the 60s and early 70s
Johannes Bergmark     Swedish Surrealist/improvisor, theorist, writer, inventor

Ring for Gruppenimprovisation


What you need to know about the Berlin Scene. Great new spaces, calendars, news and venues  for the community to meet and collaborate!
Borbetomagus  the big daddy of all noise bands.
Monique Buzzarte Improvisor/trombonist/DL
CUNEIFORM record distribution, bands & improv
Deep Listening  Website for Pauline Oliveros.
Eremite Records, Label with informative site on the Amherst, MA scene
Ernesto Diaz-Infante The personal home page for this California improvisor.
European Free Improvisation Pages Extensive frames based site with musician's index and links to independent record labels. Includes huge quicktime videos of noted european improv pioneers.
Michael Evans Sounds wild man percussion wizard NYC
Experimental Musical Instruments The web site for Bart Hopkin's excellent journal.
EYEDRUM Scene of Atlanta improvisation scene
FATBOX Fatbox helps to educate, captivate and communicate your message's with the wide range of creative services which also includes editing, in-house production, animation, marketing and advertising.
Video Production: Bay Area
Minneapolis:  "Every Other Tuesday" a series of experimental and improvised  music at Acadia Cabaret Theater in Minneapolis. The series  features performances ranging from free improvisation and free jazz  to electronica and musique concrete.
Misha Feigin
Russian improvisor from Louisville, KY   new music software from India. Very soft pricing..
FMP       FREE MUSIC PRODUCTION Germany's foremost distribution free improvisation 
Free Play Productions A web site devoted to the book written by Stephen Nachmanovitch called Free Play.
Philip Gelb Shakuhachi improvisor based in the SanFrancisco bay area.
German Impro Ring    Germany an association of improvising musicians (mainly in Germany, Austria, Swiss and Denmark) and publish a course-calendar for improvised music every year with more than hundred different courses
Hammer, Anvil & Stirrup Web page devoted to a now defunct radio program from San Francisco
Gary Hassay Saxophonist from Allentown, Pa.
High Zero Festival Annual invitational festival in Baltimore
Kozo Ikeno trumpet and electronics player from Japan
Improvised and Otherwise  Improvisation Festival, NYC
2006 5th Anniversary
INTUITIVE Music Conference
This site is about improvised music, experimental music notations and related topics,  DENMARK
Kathy Kennedy composer, vocalist, author of Moving Music Network
KASMA    electr-ambient tribal drumming sonic groove Birmingham AL
The Knitting Factory Professional frames based site for this performance club and recording label.
Anne LeBaron Composer & improvising harpist
CHICAGO Eric Leonardson: Sound thinking A very nice personal site about this musician and experimental musical instrument inventor. This site has good design and interesting content.
RUSSIA  Serguei Letov saxophonist from Moscow, TRI-O
Philadelphia   Toshi Makihara percussionist, performance artist   from Philadelphia
Vladislov Makarov Russian cellist, father of free improvisation in Smolensk
LONDON: ATHENS: BERLIN   2:13 MUSIC Collaborators,  Label,  Festival,  Club
john bisset         burkhard beins       nikos veliotis
MINNEAPOLIS     "Every other Tuesday" "showcases the under-represented, the marginalized, the non-traditional and the traditions less known"
Jeffrey Morgan American alto saxophone stylist living in Cologne. Includes large MPEGs for those with a fast connection.
Music for People David Darling's  non-profit educational organization for self-expression through music & improvisation
Musicworks    Toronto  innovative magazine-cd from Canada
Matt Marth's Homepage Includes a list of performance venues.
Nightbird Music Web page for Jim Grantham's record company.
Knjaz Mishkin from Belorus interview with Leonid Narushevich

Leonid Narushevich 
interview  from Belorus improviser
Nihilist Spasm Band Art Pratten & friends
Paper Bag progressive improv band, juxtaposing styles, punk/alternative/sound et.
Sarah Peebles Canadian improv/sound artist
Paul Plimley Innovative Canadian jazz piano master
Penumbra Music Record label of Hal Rammel
POLAND    Rafal Mazur

improvisers ensemble/Krakow

active scene of Rafal Mazure, founder of improvised music & spontaneous art collective in Krakow
POTLACH Improv label based in France
Rastascan Records Web presence of Gino Robair's record company.
The Red Room An experimental performance space in Baltimore.
Eric Ross theremin
Roulette     NYC For 28 years, Roulette has presented new jazz, world music, experimental rock, improvisation, multi-media, new technologies, traditional and hybrid ensembles from New York City and around the world.
RUBBERNECK 15 year longest running British improv and experimental music mag.
SKRAEP Scandanavian  free improv collective
Dave Sewelson musical and visual creative homepage of NY baritone sax artist Dave Sewelson    The funny site!!
Shaking Ray Levi Society Chattanooga, Tennessee based improv society
Wally Shoup Seattle Saxophonist and fabric artist, Wally Shoup.
LaDonna Smith Violist Violinist, improviser from Alabama:  Artwork, biography, performance, philosophy, poems.... inside...
Sound and Chaos Jeff McCloud, Montgomery AL
STNT STNT is an interactive ezine from france with the possibility for you to promote yr  activities... you can add yr news, yr urls directly online (
TRANSMUSEQ Record label of Davey Williams & LaDonna Smith
Trummerflora San Diego based scene, includes   calendar  listings, articles and links related to the local scene cool site by Chicago-New York  jazz musician

unconscious guitarism 
makingsubconscious music
luca formentini

U.K   Limbo Music emerging from Bristol, U.K. six free improvisors explore
a zone of uncertainty where freedom of expression is everything".
UNIT CIRCLE Rekkids Seattle based label
VERGE Music Distribution Music distributer friendly to improvisors.
Viennese Vegetable Orchestra  
Viennese veggie orchestra makes sweet music
Afterwards, 90 lbs of instruments are cooked for a soup


Davey Williams Home page, includes some reproductions of his paintings, his "Fried Egg" work, and other surrealist writings & stiff stuff
Michael Zerang Percussionist, improv from Chicago
Zzaj Productions Rotcod Zzaj and his Improvijazzation Nation.
Roberto Zorzi
Improv guitarist from Verona Italy
Zucasa a laboratory for online exhibition and performance of improvised and experimental music, artist film and video, and netart [hours of streaming music by us and other artists  San Diego area]