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What Might the New Language Be?

by Mario Rechtern


The following article was written by Mario Rechtern. It comprised the liner notes for our new recording on Ayler Records called U

This poetic commentary by Mario Rechtern, was contributed by Eric Zinman, and
speaks a
bout improvisation as social activism, observing how birds find their way together
and work out disputes and such. It reveals insight on his personal experiences and you may find it interesting in that light. It is referring to the work, created  together on the recording annotated below.
The following poetic essay asks the question: What might NEW LANGUAGE  be??



what might new language be? coming out of these emotional ponds lakes

and seas spreading out and merging into each other- not a

communication in the sense of pure conversation, discourse and

interaction to the point of the said but rather grasping the

sensuality  and sensual expressions of the said by emotional shares

and sensual contributions to the said , grasping the energies and

shipping the vessel on them, waves surfing, drowning and getting

rescued by drums or cello or piano and back on  board through space

and friendships among the travelers speaking, feeling and creating

new words, feelings and thoughts from the moment  as necessary to

describe flight position and desire to break even with the needed

distinction of the status quo, to know who and where we are

today...tomorrow is another day another journey. and as lautreamont

describes the flight of the starlets(wild geese?) in the chants de

maldoror : there is no leadership but the impulse of any bird /

musician to the center of the group to find out about its

whereabouts and their days and instincts, the howabouts, thus

performing at a remarkable speed towards a yet unvisible  target

within headwiseaimed  infinities and  endless spaces. yet they know

precisely where to go since they carry their target just themselves

within their inborn desires and instincts, just within their cells

and nervefibres. so they move on through the autumn skies  a flesh

among mountains clouds, lands and seas until they finally arrive

exactly  where no one ever would have been able to anticipate   but

on the spot!   across the sea  year by  year……..


“all music is just noise unless  you break the code.”

So all language might  just be babel, nonsense,  noise - even

schizophrenia unless you broke it’s code into  a new language,

which you can understand  since you did break its code;

 once a secret language in a coded expression, coded for example by

the speeds of these wild geese or starlets above .. to their

destiny, - communicating constantly within  their level of  energy

and instincts   towards their where-to-go-abouts,    just yielding to

the center and moving along within this weird desire inside of



so, new language also might mean to shift the ordinary language

into languages of moaning, suffering, of laughter, of quarrels of   the

bitchy housewives into codes of birdsongs and their modifications.

 here exists definitely the term new language:  animals like birds,

whales, etc., that live in group societies, and species- modify their

languages with new codes to take a distance  from their group that

has become too crowded, or so,  thus becoming a different

society with all kinds of needed modifications en suite. new

languages are created, new behaviors, new talents, new codes to decode

reality and live it as such..I observed in my country place my playing sopranino has modified

the singing of the birds

around and this again has modified my playing - a new language

started and a new species of birds, making the group, living around

and acting so, once I am there  and play. i can hear it  by their


same in Italy with  seagulls, though more on an emotional level: once

i play  the sky comes alive and emotions hit among the birds (no,

they don't fight- they just get excited and transmit and

develop new languages...and enjoy it): The  new language seagull


people might think me crazy but its true.

proof: whales. one knows about their songs  and their

modifications,  once felt themselves  within  environmental or

social changes of the seas or the groups . new groups, new

identities are generated with different  behaviors , different

itineraries and  a different poetry of communication…



Eric Zinman piano

Syd Smart drums

Mario Rechtern reeds

Glynis Lomon cello