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Finally, something that’ll really clear the air. The factory makes no noise at night
when you shut it down and leave it. Or does it? Contained within are the sounds
that the factory might make on its own with no humans around and only itself to
please.   Gentle Borbetomagus, in other words. A blurb enclosed says it’s off the rails
but I don’t think it was ever on. I particularly enjoy “The No-Nonsense Blood Smeared Pajamas” where the electronics suggest a type of Indonesian gamelan which in turn suggests a delicate walking machine coming to life (the factory coming into its own). There are fierce sounds here as well as delicate passages, as in “I sank my town for you” which recalls a lonely electronic buoy. It needs to be said that this cd fooled me. After awhile I thought it had long since ended. What I took for ambient electrical noises in my building was just the platter continuing on. Talk about blending in. ( Eno was smiling somewhere). It was only when the musicians got rowdy again that I realized
the cd hadn’t finished. Upstaged again.


Richard Grooms