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Young and Innocent Days

Swamp Room Records

Eugene Chadbourne- gtrs., etc.

Gregory Acker- tables, etc.

Todd Hildreth- organ, etc.

Andy Rademaker- bass

Steve Good- clarinet, etc.

Gary Pahler- drums

Dean Zigoris- mellotron, etc.


Chadbourne, some members of Ut Gret and others make an lp employing overly
ambitious 10 year oldsí concepts of psychedelia. Thatís just the starting point.
Itís a roller coaster ahead and the kids-now-adults are well fueled for the ride. Then
they start driving the thing. Iíve never heard the Grets or Chad do conventional song
structures before. Itís true alternative rock with a nod to Half Japanese. Like them, it
celebrates amateurism and arrested development.  Itís all covers here: Donovan, the Stones,
other sixties stars these guys grew up with.  Mom and Dad have left the den and the house
and the state and you and your young friends (kids, not adults?) realize theyíre gone for days.
Then theyíre gone for your whole life but youíre still 10.Then thereís the roller coaster yet to come. All of this on two see-thru psych-colored el pees with artwork drawn by whacked middle schoolers. Limited to 1,000 copies. You couldnít produce this on a mass scale. Enjoy and bring plenty of Kool-Aid. The rec room never had it so good.


Swamp Room Records
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Richard Grooms