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Many Axes

Susan Rawcliffe- ceramic flutes, ocarina, etc.

Scott Wilkinson- ceramic winds, ethnic flutes, etc.

Brad Dutz- udu, bodhran, etc.



In a few words: vital, ritualistic, pan-global acoustic improvising. Many Axes is light years away from culture-mixing pitfalls such as contrived or travelogue clichés. Instead, they’re instinctive, organic (an over-used word, but it perfectly describes their approach), spontaneous. Highly imaginative musicians and a unique mix of conventional and invented instruments propel this recording into unexplored territory. They go into meditational musical spaces that Pauline Oliveros explores but in their own fearless way. There’s something elemental-even magical-on this recording. One of the best CDs I’ve ever reviewed.



CD 020



Richard Grooms