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Improv 04

A Temperament For Angels

Michael Jon Fink


Robin Lorentz-  violins

Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick-  cellos

Jonathan Marmor & Fink- cymbals

Fink- sampler keyboards


Start with mists of sound which are mostly acoustic but which have a slight electronic ambience. Hone all this down for maximum plaintive impact. Add harmonic richness with subtle gradations and clear detail. It  reminds me a little of bowed piano playing but with more somber moods than you usually find there. A Rilke poem in the liner notes has this to say about what this cd is getting at: “…beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror…” The music here does indicate the combination of beauty and terror that angels have, but the landscape this cd occupies is more the place where angles are on the horizon, before the point of actual contact with humans. All of this may not sound so mystical if you play this record. It is an awe-inspiring effort.


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CB 0017



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