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Improv 04

Accidents With Nature


Harris Newman- gtr., lapsteel

Bruce Cawdron- perc., glockenspiel



For most of my life Iíve been enamored of the nuevo folk Takoma label that came out of the 60s. Newman takes that sound (especially the John Fahey element) with its blending of American folk and Middle Eastern harmonics and reshapes it. The instruments used are acoustic, but Newman and Cawdron sometimes make them sound electronic, apparently with tape manipulation. Itís all pretty Faheyesque until ďItís a TrapĒ introduces more idiosyncratic sound suggesting plaintive, prairie-like psychic landscapes. From here on, this is the shape of the album. Newman is with this cd still somewhat under Faheyís shadow, but a good two-thirds of the material here show him claiming a plot of land as his own- a darker, moodier, lonelier place than the Takoma boys have. Itís worth your time.



Strange Attractors

SA H029


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Richard Grooms