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Improv 04



Marty Walker- clarinet, bass clarinet

Amy Knoles- vibes and marimba

Bryan Pezzone- piano

Maria Newman and Peter Kent- violins

Valerie Dimond- viola


Here are compositions by the composers in the title above-John Luther Adams, Rick Cox, Michael Jon Fink and Jim Fox-and brief interludes by Marty Walker. “Dark Wind”, the lead piece by Adams, is altogether too static and somber for me, the first time this composer hasn’t dazzled me. Fink’s “Thread of Summer” is an articulate, contemplative work that puts forth a rich autumnal half-light. Cox’s piece doesn’t stand out from tenure-oriented academic composition.  He is, like Adams, capable of very much more. Fox’s gentle “Between the Wheels” shows that strings can create a hovering, birdlike atmosphere. It would have benefited from being a little shorter, but it’s a success.


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