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Improv 04


Eric Zinman Ensemble


  •  Eric Zinman          piano

  •  John Voigt             bass

  •  Laurence Cook    drums


" Within the  eric zinman ensemble, Zinman presents himself, a pianist from Boston,
born 1960, who  in optical means fullfills together with the bassplayer, John
Voigt and drummer, Laurence Cook, all the cliche imagination that one could
make of the cloverleaf from a Jewish, an Italien, and an Irish
gangster. Musically, however, Zinman follows, as inspired by Bill Dixon, the
stoney path of a creativity far beyond any cliches. significant the
coverversions that the ensemble spices  up its inventions with ,
"Eventually" of Ornette Coleman, "Small Beggar" of the Boston-pianist Lowell
Davidson (1941-1990), to who Coleman helped for an ESP-recording, that
almost made it into the Wire-kult-list: '100 records that set the world on
fire (while no one was listening)', and  "straight up straight out" from
saxplayer Glenn Sdpearman (1947-1998), Zinman's former roommate, who with
this complex piece of cacophony (in German: cats music) calls back upon the
lower eastside's cats  the Zinman ensemble is made of three spicey (zippy?
or splashy, if this word exists) tachists, courage to abstraction, and of
not little sophistication, all things that are not a bit to be suspected,
nor by the daubed cover nor by the visages of the musicians."

Tachism by the way was a style of French painters of the 1950s, part of
Informel, similar to Pollock, from french word la tache = spot, stain, dot,
patch etc. Give my regards to the translator. I know that my mannerisms are sometimes
hard to understand and even harder to translate.

with best alchemystic greetings

Bad Alchemy #52
Rigobert Dittmann
97072 Würzburg

translated by Mario Rechturn

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