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Improv 04


Rick Cox


Rick Cox-electric guitar

Thomas Freeman - bass, signal processors



If ECM is ďthe most beautiful sound next to silenceĒ then Cold Blue, which has ECM DNA (but which isnít jazz and not quite ECM New Series) is maybe the most austere sound next to silence. This cd single by Cox starts with floating, enshrouding electronics that almost makes you feel as if youíre leaving this world behind. That isnít necessarily a good feeling but itís certainly an intriguing one. One thinks of Tibetan bardo, exile-even death-but none of those states quite gets at whatís happening here. Think of Enoís 70ís and 80ís slow-moving bits but think more substance and richness. If this sounds snooze-worthy, itís not by a long shot. Actually, itís oddly comforting, a place where the worst has already happened and a resounding calm has set in. I recommend it without hesitation.


Cold Blue

CB 0020



Richard Grooms