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Improv 04

From Shelter

Steve Peters


Peters- piano

Marghreta Cordero- voices

Alicia Ultan- violas


Another Cold Blue single here. This one has two compositions by Peters on it. “Three Short Stories” is a sort of 20th century update of a baroque solo string essay. Ultan’s viola playing is assured throughout and the piece has an enjoyable stateliness to it. On “My Burning Skin to Sleep” Peters multitracks piano and vocals for a mystery-laden lullaby. It’s restive like the first track and it seems to know you’ve been through tragedies and offers a fine place to convalesce. I can’t say it’s healing music without risking cliché, but just ignore that old cliché and take my word for it: it’s very therapeutic and not bland in any way. It has a lot to offer the body and the mind in it.



Cold Blue

CB 0018



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