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Heritage and Ringtones

Martin Archer


Archer- reeds, keyboards, violectronics, processing, drum programs

Ingar Zach- perc.

Rhodri Davies- harp

Simon Fell- double bass

Julie Cole- voice

Tim Cole- acoustic gtr.

Masayo Asahara- processing



Archer combines electronics and acoustics, live playing and tapes, but most importantly, he blends harmony and disharmony, and does this in ways that are complimentary, unexpected and original. And on a few cuts he combines his love for English traditional folk music with free playing. I enjoy both these categories, but have never heard them Cuisinarted. They work blended as well as in tandem on this disc. Grace and rattling, taste and junk, convention and radical culture- all of these are here, and they judiciously balance each other out. Archer & Co. have good ears and good sense, which come together not often enough in the musical world. An unexpected treat.




Discus 18 CD


Richard Grooms