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Improv 04

Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet

Kaiser/Diaz-Infante Sextet



Kaiser-trumpet, flugelhorn

Diaz-Infante- prepared acoustic gtr.

Scot Ray- trombone

Jim Connolly- bass

Brad Dutz- perc.

Richie West- drums



The first 30-40 minutes of this cd is as instrumentally challenging and enjoyable as any of the Kaiser forays I’ve heard. But the text of this “Alchemical Mass” veers into pretension and embarrassment, a normal byproduct of reviving dead religions. All the more reason to sink your teeth into the sextet’s very sharp session which follows the Mass. It’s nervous, jittery, highly intense and breathtakingly buoyant. It’s what you expect from Kaiser & Co. They can also be unsettling and spacious as on “Part 5”. So just tune out the Latin during the Mass (easy for older Roman Catholics) and enjoy the non-vocal parts of this recording.




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Richard Grooms