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Improv 04

Jim Fox

Last Things



Track 1- Copy of the Drawing

Janyce Collins- voice

Jim Fox- electronics



Two strong pieces make up this cd. In ďDrawingĒ, dream-shaped, almost formless musical clouds drift about in loose structures. Sketchy skeins of electronics add much to the color. Fox repeats semi-regular electronic figures which sound like the bass end of the inside of a piano. Collins whisper-recites (in a voice not unlike Laurie Anderson) excerpts from letters written to a Mr. Wilson, the proprietor of the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles. Wilson was a first-class eccentric and trickster. You can only hear parts of the spoken texts here, excerpts of excerpts. No text is provided, which only highlights the hallucinatory character of the piece. In effect itís here for atmosphere since you canít pick out whatís being said most of the time. The words are then natural companions to the instrumental musical clouds. The whole thing is somewhat like David Behrmanís gentle electronic works, sounding half-composed, half-improvised, but even more formless and unanchored. Itís haunting, very beautiful and-perhaps inevitably-fugitive.


Track 2- Last Things

Marty Walker- bass clarinet

Chas Smith- pedal steel gtr.

Rick Cox- glass gtr.

Jim Fox- piano, electronic keyboards


Below registers: strong repetitive rumblings from the bass end of a piano. Above: Mournful lines from the bass clarinet seem to come from an unknowable ceremony. Middle range: pedal steel, electronics and glass guitars (whatever they are). A very resonant result comes out of all this. It sounds like something outside our world and time. The last few minutes build to a crescendo which only underscores the lamentation nature of the piece. A solid performance, restful and edgy.


Cold Blue

CB 0001


Richard Grooms