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Improv 04

Light That Fills The World

John Luther Adams



Marty Walker- bass clarinet

Amy Knoles-vibes and marimba

Bryan Pezzone-piano

Nathaniel Reichman- elec. keyboards, sound design

Robin Lorentz-violin

Barry Newton-double bass



Three compositions by Adams that confirm his marvelous, chilly sense of northern space. “Farthest Place” is a lush, brightly elegant, somewhat Steve Reichian piece that puts the listener firmly in the arctic, the keyboardists and Knoles providing a luminous bed of rhythms. A bright discovery. The title work is less sumptuous than this because it’s mysterious and withholds something. But it’s just as enjoyable and near-zero. “Immeasurable Space of Tones” is somewhere between the first and second pieces, again filling the listener with a sense of great space, cold and wonder.  In fact all three tracks seem like parts of a larger piece. Their titles don’t exaggerate, and they would, like many Cold Blue releases, appeal to fans of holy minimalism, even though I haven’t seen any info that specifically indicates that any of the label’s composers are mystics.



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