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The 88 issue of Musicworks is all geared toward tape manipulation. The first several pieces go by and nothing much happens, but track 6-“Baroksoundscapes: Fellini” wherein Nancy Tobin processes LP Baroque recordings, gets things going in a captivating way.  She achieves something that could be described as the steam organ section of the Beatles’ “Mr. Kite” transformed into 60’s minimalism. Her “Solode Maude”, also for processed records-and much more-recalls some of the more experimental parts of the gorgeous soundtrack “Wings of Desire” but it has its own Middle Eastern stamp. Both cuts are nothing less than astonishing and breathtaking. Other pieces on 88 that stand out are “Bas Relief 1” where tape-altered piano improvs get to be off-kilter in such a way that they become their own sort of kilter. “Bas Relief 2” is similarly imaginative. “Anatomy of Melancholy” impacts me in any but a melancholy way: it’s fresh, humorous, jaunty and yet it still remains thoughtful. A real treat.  The strong portions of 88 more than make up for the weak.



Richard Grooms