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Improv 04

The Glass World

Annea Lockwood


Lockwood- various glass items



Iíve enjoyed every Lockwood CD Iíve ever heard. Like Pauline Oliveros, she helps me to engage in deep listening even as she employs that technique herself, and this puts me in a resonant listening state thatís always invigorating, yet calming. On this release of a 1970 LP Lockwood uses glass items exclusively- discs, rocks, fragments, rods, water-filled glasses, tanks and other implements. Glass things are reclaimed from their mundane world and put to service in ways that unlock the magicalness of the ordinary. Cage said noise of the everyday could be music if only we paid attention. Lockwoodís glassworks make me think noise doesnít even have to be redeemed. Though this is s reissue, itís not newly released. Itís from 1997, but I just discovered it. Each track is described so the listener knows just what glass tools Lockwood is communing with. 23 tracks are here, most no more than 2 minutes long. This is sound exploration at its best.



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