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Tom Erbe- recording, editing, processing

Chris Mann- voice, texts

Larry Polansky- electric gtrs.

Douglass Repetto- computer, electronics

Christian Wolff- recording, piano, bass, perc., melodica



Signals are coming in from the cosmic ether or maybe from a universal databank that stores enormous amounts of electronic sounds and speech. You canít quite make out the speech because itís speeded up or distorted in some other way. Is that an auctioneer? A request? A complaint? Words hover so they are almost intelligible- but not quite. Sounds do the same. Yet there is a very rough flow to the material here. Material is a good word- music, composition, or pieces just wouldnít work. The flow gradually becomes the structure. And it makes for a heady experience. Itís what the Akashic Record (the Theosophical Record of Everything) might sound like unfiltered.  Donít get me wrong- thereís nothing remotely New Age or woo-woo here. And donít take it all in one gulp- thatíd be indulgent.



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Richard Grooms