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Improv 04

Rick Cox

Maria Falling Away


Rick Cox- elec. guitar, prepared elec. guitar, baritone elec. guitar,
alto sax, contra-alto clarinet, sampler

Guest artists (each on one track only):

Jon Hassell- trumpet
Thomas Newman- piano
Jeff Elmassion- clarinet
Chas Smith- pedal steel gtr.


Here are six compositions (with some apparent improv) by Cox and others in duet format. On unusual occasions the Cold Blue esthetic can lapse into blandness, and the first three pieces here wouldn’t be out of place on Music from the Hearts of Space. Which is a disappointment, knowing how much more Cox is usually capable of. 13 minutes into “The Years in Streams” and I was still waiting for it to take off. There’s a lot of tapioca-like material here that just seems unending. This cd takes no risks (and risk is something Cold Blue excels at) and is almost unremittingly boring. But don’t let it deter you from other Cox cd’s which are vastly better than this one.


Cold Blue

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