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Improv 04

Dreaming Wide Awake

New Circle Five


Monique Buzzarte- trombone, didjeridu, conch

Rosi Hertlein- violin, voice

Susie Ibarra- percussion

Kristin Norderval- soprano sax

Pauline Oliveros- accordion


The Deep Listening label consistently pleases and this outing by the New Circle Five is no exception. The title is spot on. Itís calming yet restive and occupies a territory hard to define.

I was looking at photos of bacteria and archaea while I was listening to this. They fit very well with the character of the music: mysterious, subtle, gentle, non-obtrusive, intangible and refreshingly alien. And yet, like those microscopic creatures, the music here is a part of our unfamiliar world that is made vivid here.



Deep Listening

DL 20- 2003



Richard Grooms