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The Perpetual Motion  PIANO (CD) 2004
   ArTist, Person, AnoNyMous, MysterY, HuMan,



There was an immediate air of human intrigue as I pulled  this piece from my rural mailbox , wrapped in newsprint, postmarked from Nederland, the only identifying mark was a common mostly blank mailing sticker with in old typewriter types that would be the only clue as to the origin of the recording within..

Even more, the CD itself was packed in an artist formed homemade sleeve that simply said The Perpetual Motion PIANO on the front, and on the opposite site, merely 32:9. 
The disc inside was silver blank. No other identifying marks existed.  When I placed it on the player, no sound was heard.

I turned it over, to be sure I had the disc right side up, and this time it began.It reminded me of a child that had just sat at the piano for the first time, and was testing the tones, listening and remaining on one, then it began to move from a repeated octave to an exploration of sound, growing in space and time as a flower would gradually open up into a sophisticated archway of ominous sonic beauty. Large clusters moving around a single tone, growing into a three tone minor third disappear in a misty presence'.

   The following pieces would begin very  un-self-conciously, and wander introspectively into new themes and thematic or sonic explorations, that always gave the impression of the player himself being drawn into the mystery of the piano, into it's sounds and sound combinations, and into a sacred space of soundings, intervallic relationships, and pause which ranged from a childlike inquiry to a very sophisticated manner of meditation.

   I was drawn into this one. I will play it to soothe my soul, and stimulate my poetic intentions.

As I explored his website, I was just as moved by the deep compassion, inquiry, and marvel that was so present in his drawings, sculpture, and poetry, an organic blending of whole person.

This CD is an Artifact, a musical rendering  of a person indeed, who is listening & creating  from within his larger Soul. ~LaDonna Smith