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Improv 04


Meanwhile, Back in Sheffield...

Derek Bailey-electric guitar
Mick Beck-tenor saxophone, bassoon and whistles
Paul Hession-drumset


    A live recording of "non-idiomatic" Derek Bailey's first gig for several years in his hometown of Sheffield, England.  Invited by native Sheffield musical partners Mick Beck and Paul Hession, Derek Bailey returned to the his geographical home, where he grew up and forged the birthing of free improvisation in Europe. Afterwards, a Londoner, Bailey had spent the last few years of his life in Barcelona, Spain and sometimes liked to come "home" to get away from the heat of its summer. As taken from some of Mick Becks notes of 2005, his Yorkshire trip met this criterion.  "Sheffield's meteorlogical response was dramatic - cold, and so much rain that it necessitated buckets under a few drips.  Baileys mainly reflective performance is complemented by Hession's rhythmically grounded, creative manipulations of the conventional drum kit and Beck's underground explorations with bassoon, tenor sax and whistles. The three tracks, After the Red Deer, Raining, and Buckets present the majority of the concert , recorded live by Chris Trent, and supported by Sheffield's Other Music, and staged in the hall of Sheffield Royal society of the Blind  (a public venue used for a variety of musical occasions).  

      The music is reflective, and you can hear the collective musical ambience and understatement that comes only from the acoustics of the damp.  An inward feeling throughout, a rare snapshot of the slowing down of the great master, and a beautiful passage, if one of the last. -LS




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