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Process 2

Rafal Mazur - bass
Rafal Drewniany - laptop
Michal Dymny - e-guitar
Attila Dóra - sax


The newest AudioTong release is an out-come of one of the improvised sessions which are frequently organized by musicians from improviser's collective working at "Laboratory of Intuition - studio of developing and promotion of improvised art" which is located in Krakow.


The music is fiercely beautiful. I am completely energized by it! The events on Untitled 1 take you into a realm of huge spacial clarity, with the vibratory energies releasing, & entraining symbiotic energies in your spatio-physical-auditory awareness. Your voices are heard, and visualized, ringing true and clear!  Untitled 2, brings the energy it all up close and saturates you with its penetrating demanding presence. It only escalates from there…    Untitled 3 again returns you into the "realm" the "zone" the inner mindings ...and Untitled 4 sounding the terrain of drips, and air, pops, and reverberations of the inner digestion of musical molecules and morphs.. A comfort food.

PROCESS- Laboratory of Intuition is an ensemble of improvisers founded by Rafal Mazur in 2004. 

The music is downloadable here:


~LaDonna Smith