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This is a big kahuna for the Grets, maybe even a major opus, a 25th anniversary 3-cd set. They’ve always been good at pulling rabbits out of hats, but I never expected gamelan to be one of them. The whole first disc is a contemporary Indonesian/western gamelan piece made up of 18 sections which tend to get more Western toward the end before they end up more Javanese than anything. It’s largely a pleasing, even challenging experience, both restful and energetic. Very seldom does it sound quite like anything I’ve heard before, and I’ve heard a great deal of gamelan. It has a bit of humdrum in tracks 16 and 17, but it almost continually surprised me, not a small feat.  

Speaking of gamelan, there’s a performance of “In C” by Terry Riley, that gamelan offspring, which takes up Disc 3. A smoothly chugging, sax-colored performance, it’s a treat and a half. 

Disc 3’s “Time Lapse” gives some idea of what an improv-ready Lou Harrison might have been like with its pan-Asian slippery stateliness. “Foreplay” first camps up soundtrack miasma, but later unfortunately succumbs to the bog of it all. “Music To Die By,” an elegiac marvel, could also make a good testament to being alive.  

The Grets have done themselves proud here and this a good way to sample their eclecticism and daring.

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Richard Grooms