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Fred Frith



Cuts 1-5:

Frith- gtr., violin, mellotron, bass, organ, voice

Guigou Chenevier- drums, tenor sax, voice

Margot Mathieu- soprano and tenor saxes, voice

Ferdinand Richard- bass, guimbarde, voice

Jo Thirion- organ, harmonium

Cuts 6-13:

Frith- gtr., violin, keybs., bass, drums, voice

Bill Laswell- bass

Fred Maher- drums


Not all that Eighties frenetic music has held up as this re-release shows. The first group here offers full-bore category Cuisinarting. Though it’s sometimes delightfully energizing (“Kick the Can”, “Carnival on Wall Street”), it can sometimes be eclectically show-offy (“Laughing Matter”, “Woman Speak to Men”) in a Zorn way. Too much of the second group is just plain enervating. Throughout, Frith is tremendous when he’s lyrical but he provides frustratingly little of that here. The last two tracks are gems and prove that he’s capable of small miracles. He’s plain captivating when he’s not trying to prove anything, not trying to multitask all the time.


For the Frith faithful only.

ReR/ FRO  04


Richard Grooms