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Nikolai Galen

Stemme 8

Galen- vocals



Istanbul-based Galen recorded these extended vocals in Oslo and itís a marvel. 35 short pieces of inspired work, it reminds me of listening to Meredith Monkís Dolmen Music for the first time. In other words, itís ear-opening and some of the best in this niche ever recorded. Not exactly like Monkís work because itís not composed (at least as far as I can tell). Moans, wails, wavery speech, lamentations, screams, ruminations, purgations, overtone singing-itís a heady collection, and not for the faint of heart. Itís astonishing, ground-breaking and fearless, too. I canít identify for sure any of the languages he sometimes sings in and I donít want to, it would only spoil the mystery. Itís finally more outrť than Monk, more varied than Diamanda Galas. Impeccably recorded with plenty of echo where it counts, just at the times when it needs extra dramatic punch. One of the most arresting cdís Iíve ever reviewed.




Richard Grooms