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Improv 04

Unquenchable Fire

Deep Listening Band / Joe McPhee Quartet


Deep Listening Band:

Pauline Oliveros- accordion

Stuart Dempster- trombone, didjeridu

David Gamper- keyboards, flutes, elctronics


Joe McPhee Quartet

McPhee- sop. sax, alto clarinet, Casio digital horn

Joe Giardullo- flutes, bass clarinet

Monica Wilson- cello

Karen Jurgens- drums


This is a departure for the Deep Listening Band. For one, they play along with a jazz quartet, in this case one who mines free jazz fields quite well. Two, the DLB is much less meditative and introspective than usual, taking on bizarre tonalities and noise the like of which Iíve never heard before from them or anyone else. And there is some text read (not much, and not over the music, which was the right decision). Gamperís electronics is the most unfamiliar sound in this mix. He can coax gentleness and impishness out of his array and this is fascinating. Oliveros provides her usual sublime atmospheric accordion clouds, full of drams. The two groups work very well together and this is fitting as free jazz has always been one of the DeepListening Bandís ancestors.



DL 19-2003



Richard Grooms