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Improv 04

Sandbox Trio


Martin Birke- octapad, perc., drums, keyboards 

Chuck Ellis- lap steel gtr., fretless bass, thwackoleum, loops, tapes

Daniel Panasenko- classical and prepared gtrs., pvc sax, elec. erhu, clay flute, perc.


Sort of group of improv tone-poems about the Urubamba river in South America, these pieces frequently shade into New Age music. When itís not patchouli wallpaper itís not bad at all; in fact, it can be very good indeed. It rises to this level about 25% of the time. Not a high rate, but if they could maintain it for a whole album Iíd welcome it with open arms. And that raises a question: If you can do that level work, why bother with New Age? So Echoes will program it?


CD FMA 0414

Frank Mark Arts



Richard Grooms