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Improv 04


Zeppelins Erste Grosse Fahrt

Todd Whitman- bari. sax, reeds, amplified metal, etc.


Itís getting truly harder to be out there in these days when the New York Times reviews the new Animal Collective CD, and reviews it favorably at that. So this group of live shots at the High Zero Festival in Baltimore a couple of years ago really makes it because itíd still be outrageous now. And well outside the mainstream Iím pleased to say. Here Whitman jams with six groups in the spirit of the title of the record, i.e. very noisily, irreverently and physically and uncontrollably. ďRompin and StompinĒ is plain garglerific and a kick; the liner notes promise Whitman is a figure from the id and Iím inclined to agree; and throughout all the players blow it out of their systems (so to speak) in nicely assertive ways. This is material not likely to be accepted by the Times anytime soon. Itís so idful you might want to break it up into smaller chunks. Festival goers had breaks between these sets, too, you know.

Recorded 016

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Richard Grooms