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Improv 04



killick erik hinds  h'arpeggione
dennis palmer    synth
bob stagner       drums

Never fails... live from those good ole boys from up thar in mountain country!
They wheel a wicked time of goodness, arresting the most jaded of avant-garde enthusiasts, always!! no exception here, with a beautiful mix of sounds that spark from the raw sound of killick's varied stringed instruments, described thus as his "microtonal glory", the h'arpeggione (also referred to as the devil's cello) is an upright acoustic instrument with sympathetic strings.. imagine combined with the relentless drive of the Shakin Ray Levis-  palmer reading fortunes on powered from the other side, his synthesizor mania and the always concurring punctuation, drive, and press of the stag on the drums. Ofcourse,  there's the interesting Dennis ad libs, monster mash, singings and storyboard introductions that frame each piece with a cultural imagery that only a brave explorer could return from the outback wilderness of 'Hotlanter' and report.
Altering experience it is, and exquisitely recorded.

Solponticello SRR


LaDonna Smith