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Improv 04


Michael Jeffrey Stevens -piano
Mark Feldman - violin


I love the awesome sense of a pregnant space and the depth of emotion quite packed in this work. It is a beautiful offering of heart and soul, very individual.. interesting that Michael Jeffrey Stevens speaks so from a jazz reference, although I can hear it in his playing, it sounds very classical to my ears.. I guess that's the way Mark Feldman comes off as well, together they imply a very 20th century romantic compositional tone in expressiveness.  All the pieces are beautiful and rich with color,  a full spectrum of sound introspection. One of the few CD's I've heard where you get the impression that the performers are listening beyond listening, the burst arising from the bombshell of the heart, as the flight or fight response occasionally intervenes, there is always beauty.

Contact: Michael Jefry Stevens
PO Box 40551, Memphis, TN 38174-0551 (USA)
ph: +1 901 2766544, mobil: +1 917 9161363, fax: +1 413 5139859

LaDonna Smith