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Improv 04


Dmitri Voudouris



Voudouris- composer, electronics




The half-hour “Palmos” is long enough to convey a vast, mysterious landscape which includes terrain both strange and gentle. Little happens, perhaps because little needs to happen. This isn’t music which feels it needs to make a statement, but it doesn’t fade into the wallpaper either. More directly involving are the two NPFAI (New Possibilities fro African Instruments) pieces where Voudouris, a long-time South African resident, processes the sounds of the marimba, kundi and mbira through a computer, giving them a delicate, rapid-fire dexterity no human could begin to approach. Think of them as hyper-David Behrman outings. There are many reasons to involve yourself with this composer’s music. It’s not only new, but ripe.



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