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Contemporary Solo Percussion

Tatsuya Nakatani



  This latest release by Tatsuya Nakakani is a beautifultransfixing,  work of art.  One straight track of 57’34”, no over dubbing or editing, recorded on July 2007 at H& H Production studio.

he magic begins as a wash of sound from seeming deep space consciousness blending a slow paced, but mighty bath of vibratory surge. Vast like the ocean, these deep and multiple pitched frequencies emanate from bowing of cymbals. Nakatani is surely the master of bowed metalics, as he stretches from the sounds of the universe to the vocalizations and emanations of animals, mysterious voices, seamlessly appearing from the void, only then does he introduce the distant drumming, the low thunder of the double bass drums that permeates the cosmic texture with the double pulse of the heartbeat  becoming the weather of the mind. Seemlessly these rich sound bodies roll and plane in aural time until the lifting and disappearance of these metallic  vibrations end like a river fading into the distance. A beautiful masterpiece, an artist creation, boxed in a wallet with fantastic poitret rendering of Nakatani, graphic design and painting by Carol Genetti. 
                                                                                                                             –LaDonna Smith


Tatsuyanakatani Music and Sounds, BMI 2007

H&H Production HH-8

Easton, Pennsylvania, USA