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Non Credo


Joseph Berardi- sampling, keyboards, samples

Kira Vollman- voice, bass clarinet, prollo tape, glockenspiel, hand perc., lyrics



This duo makes you believe that art rock could actually come up with something interesting. Itís what Tom Waits might do if he went wholly avant garde and it might get you to believe that Brecht/Weill still live. Not bad for just one record.  L.A.-based, Non Credo try to embrace it all and make B-movie sense of everything. Or nonsense, I should say. Refreshing, unpretentious and self-mocking, itís not one to miss by any stretch. Vollman is a phenomenal vocalist-I think Iíd rather listen to her than Diamanda Galas, who covers much the same waterfront. Berardi is equally impressive in his sphere. Itís best to not concern yourself as to whether this is pop, art rock, improv or what, just jump right in and play (in every sense).




GA 8683 AR



Richard Grooms