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Jim Connolly and the Gove County String Quartet


Jim Connolly-contrabass

Sally Barr-violin

Kirsten Monke-viola

Laura Hackstein-violin


I wasnít that thrilled with the last Connolly project I reviewed (Time Stops to Visit) but I thought it had scads of promise. This outing goes a long way to fulfilling that promise. Fin de siecle Americana gets modern and cinematic on this record, a somewhat Kronos Quartet postmodernism crossed with quite a few strands from the homegrown warehouse: hymns, jazz, silent movie soundtracks, folk, Ben Johnston, and Dvorakís new world. Itís a clear and powerful success. This group has helped Connolly to create a new type of American composition. Three, four, five cheers!





Richard Grooms