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Nakatani Chen Duo


Tatsuya Nakatani-percussion

Audrey Chen-cello, voice

Susan Alcorn-pedal steel guitar



If itís dramatic sweep you want this is a more than fine place to start. Chen is one of the leading practitioners of extended vocal techniques, if this album is representative. She can convey wonder, pain, mystery and so much else itíd take a small encyclopedia to describe it all. Nakataniís a highly sensitive partner and commands a panoply of percussion devices with utmost effectiveness and imagination. Some of the tracks here were recorded live in various Southern cities in 2005. Wish theyíd come to Birmingham, but thereís always the future, innit? Meanwhile, the chthonic reigns on this disc. Thatís not an unusual thing for a free improv group to pull off, but this duo/trio do it as well as anyone, and of course Alcorn is a wonder-worker.




Richard Grooms