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Point Conception

Daniel Lentz



Arlene Dunlap-piano

Bryan Pezzone-piano



“Point Conception”, one of Daniel Lentz’s major early pieces, is back on cd here. The title piece is scored for nine pianos, all played by Lentz, who multitracks himself. Nine pianos may sound like overkill to some but it is a delicate, lithe and agile work and it seems as though no more than three or four pianos are going at any one time. The piece proceeds ever onward in ecstatic, even rapturous ways. Like much of Lentz’s output it’s inviting and a pleasure to listen to. Lentz has long since committed the heresy of making modern classical music that bears no relation to castor oil and once again I take my hat off to him. This is one of the great 70’s minimalist compositions. ”Nightbreaker,” also included here, is for four pianos, in this case multitracked by Pezzone. It sounds nothing like any Lentz work I’ve ever heard, integrating Liszt-like late Romanticism and frenetically repeated Latin American strains into an overall dizzying success. A cd essential for all followers of minimalism and post-minimalism.


Cold Blue

CB 0028



Richard Grooms