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Sleep Hammer

Bill Horist and Marron






The only other Horist cd (Songs from the Nerve Wheel) Iíve ever heard astounded me. I thought: if this is normal for him, heís one of the best free guitarists going. When I saw this and realized it had an electronics person Iíd never heard of to boot I had high hopes. Stepping into Sleep didnít disappoint. Track after track opened up new terrain. I was reminded of David Behrmanís pastoral, wobbly, humanized electronics when I heard Marron. But this is something new. For one, itís sometimes frenetic, so there goes part of the Behrman reference. The duo make each track full of surprises in terms of tonality, texture, mood and overall architecture. Horist is adventurous as ever and Marron (Tanaka Yasuhiko) is a tonic. Both bring home the bacon. No New Music follower should pass this up.



Public Eyesore

PECD 102



Richard Grooms