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Luca Formentini


Formentini- guitars, real time processing, cans, voice, field recordings,
drum machines, samples and loops



Water sloshing creates an intriguing rhythm in Hands Held as a Well and all this is joined by a complimentary electronic beat. If I Stop comes across as watered-down Terje Rypdal. Some tracks, such as Digya, are little more than uninvolving NPR Echoes music. Some cuts are vaguely Enoesque and held my interest much more, but too much of this album is background music thatís on the verge of becoming foreground music. I realize that some Eno fans may see that as a virtue and they should of course proceed to this record. Thereís a lot of stimulating improv music coming out of Italy the last few years but most of this just doesnít qualify.




AUD 01403



Richard Grooms