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Emily Hay / Marcus Fernandos


Hay-voice, flute, piccolo, piano, electronics

Fernandos-perc., field recordings, electronics

Lisle Ellis-bass, electronics

Ellen Weller-sax, flute

Al Scholl-guitar


If all Emily Hay did was sing, shed be plenty impressive. That she can do so very much with reeds is gravy aplenty. And theres more to come, as they say. Three people are listed here as doing electronics and since they overlap so much I cant tell them apart. They are all marvelous at what they do, however. This is a record full of mysterious calls and silence, highly evocative textures and very assured playing throughout. Hay and Fernandos have chosen their partners well, and the whole shebang is testament to the wisdom of releasing the goods from the unconscious. Very high marks for every track here.



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