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Accordion Koto

Pauline Oliveros / Miya Masaoka


Oliveros- accordion

Masaoka- koto


I can honestly tell you there are rich storehouses of improvisation here. Oliverosí accordion has long since broken the boundaries of what we expect from the instrument; indeed, itís become a sort-of small orchestra in itself. Masaoka has exploded the constraints of the koto as well; it only occasionally recalls the instrument we know so well. The two create an enormously wide panoply of aural possibilities for the ears. Cloud-like, yet articulate. Quicksilver, and yet it slows down to let you notice its details. A heady brew. The two players have snagged the uncatchable and offered it to us in their hands. Strings, buttons, resonating chambers and wood touch the infinite.



Deep Listening

DL 36-2007



Richard Grooms