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Private Language Problem

John Berndt- composer, electronics


Berndt is heir to the 40-60s composers that pioneered electronics such as Schaefer and Dockstader. These electro-acoustic compositions are from 2001 to 2007. Chance and improv elements are key here.


“Grace” is a delight. The magic toyshop springs to life without human help and click-click-clunks away. It’s a marvelous percussive exclamation. ”Dry”: Dry as in uninvolving. That’s a problem when you use a private language. “Sound of Madness,” in which Berndt utilizes a polyphonic feedback system which produces a rich variety of electronic sounds: bizarre calliopes, tiny steam trains, microscopic horns. A Fanfare for the Common Electronics Array is how I’d characterize “For Lois Vierk.” In “Dragon Paths” Berndt makes me visualize and hear his steel dome being struck by spheres, each sphere containing bells. It must be a thrill to see and it’s the next best thing to a Chinese or Tibetan percussion orchestra swirling around your head. Play it while you’re doing something banal like washing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom. It will exalt banal things. This is a surprising, largely accessible smorgasbord of experimentation.


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