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The Animation Of Lists And The Archytan Transpositions

Warren Burt


Burt- composer

Catherine Schieve- tuning forks



Don’t let the title mystify or intimidate you-I don’t get it either. Just be aware that this is a theatre wherein Burt’s rough compositional outlines leave room for improvisation and randomness-and it’s all played on tuning forks. Schieve’s nimbleness on the forks (there are many types of them in her array) makes for a forest of surprising, wholly novel and almost always gentle sounds. The sounds seem to rise up vertically from the surface, and then fade away, to be replaced by new ones. Masterfully recorded for optimum clarity, detail and warmth, this is a document of remarkable sonic gorgeousness. Though the “pieces” are divided up into four parts in the liner notes there is no pause or significant change when one piece stops and another starts. In effect each cd in this 2-cd set is a “piece.” Fans of Tibetan bells and overtones will be at least intrigued and probably delighted by this record as will anyone open to new horizons in the possibility of consonant sound.



Experimental Intermedia

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Richard Grooms