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Greg Segal (guitar and gadgets), Hyam R. Sosnow (drums)



Three CDs worth of rock type music from this duo. Most pieces have a stated

theme (or at least chord sequence), followed by often lengthy

extrapolations, all hung on a beat. The playing is imaginative and they are

obviously listening closely to each other, as the interaction is constant. I

think though, that this kind of music is better described as Jamming, as

most of these pieces are structured like a song, and they are even referred

to as such in the voluminous liner notes. There isnšt much use of extended

technique, by either of these fellows, and very little tendency to step

outside of their respective instruments' traditional roles. Guitar for chord

structure/melody, drums for rhythm. That said, within the confines of this

area, they offer many moods and conjure memories of many bands past. And

they definitely have chops, so personally I kind of enjoyed listening to

some of the super-fast drum fills and guitar-hero lead playing. I sometimes

wished for a third instrument while listening to this set, a bass player

maybe, but the more players added to a situation like this, the harder it is

to maintain that "instant song" idea.

Though released as a set, each CD comes packaged individually, with the

above mentioned, by-the-song notes, and the Jugalbandi Improvisation Level

Classification System, whereby you can see how much improvisation was

involved in each song. ~Jeff Jerman

Great Artiste 89 Records
P.O. Box 55843
Sherman Oaks CA 91413-0843