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Voice Coil

Carrier Band


Pauline Oliveros- accordion with Expanded Instrument System

Peer Bode- live text with Bode Vocorder

Andrew Deutsch- live mixing, recordings, samples, loops, electronics

Stephen Vitiello- light meter recordings


If there was every a label that’s consistently excellent it’s Deep Listening. I’ve never heard a single cd of theirs that wasn’t imaginative and challenging. Voice Coil is no exception. Like many records on the label it puts the listener in a rich, resonant aural space which is simultaneously restful and dizzying. The sort of space you’d want to dive into, swim around in, exult in. During the title track record you drift through ephemeral and etheric locations. You hear voices but you almost always can’t tell what they’re saying. Delicate but very strange electronics hover around. Oliveros’ accordion streams all over, sometimes darting about. In addition to the title track there is “Frozen Speaker”, an ionic bath for the ears and mind.



Deep Listening

DL 39-2008



Richard Grooms